AC Compressor suit for Caterpillar
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We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter of best quality AC Compressor suit for Caterpillar, factory in Taiwan. Our company-depth study of the product improvements, planning, introduction of new technologies, and emphasized that "priority service", "to protect the customer", "24-hour" for the purpose of career. Through our innovative engineering and mature experience, we have the ability to meet strict requirements, short delivery time, quality, and price competition is fierce. To be beneficial to both sides, we are the best choice for a partner to support you.
AC Compressor suit for Caterpillar - HV-07-03
Model: HV-07-03
AC Compressor suit for Caterpillar
Excavator AC Compressor
Air Conditioning Compressor & AC Compressor
  1. Application: Caterpillar Excavator
  2. Maker / Model: DENSO / 10S17C
  3. Pulley: 8PK
  4. Voltage: 24V
  5. OE No: 179-5544 / 178-5545 / 245-7779 / 447260-8390 / 247300-2810

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