AC Compressor Bearing
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Due to a great variety of AC Compressor Bearing let our commodities go to the world. We can provide you the reasonable price and perfect after-sales service. Welcome the new and old customers to visit our company.
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As professional manufacture, supply and export AC Compressor Bearing in Taiwan. With engineer staff more than 20. strong R&D capability, advanced production lines, perfect Q/A control system and strict raw material purchase control enable our products to meet trade standard and customer's quality level and delivery date. Our quality policy is quality first, offer high quality and high reliability products to our customers and do not make any trouble to our customers. Please contact now.
AC Compressor Bearing - U Series
Model: U Series
AC Compressor Bearing
Bearing & Half Ball Shoe
  1. Many kind of Bearings suit for different compressors.
    (1) Shaft Bearing (2) Thrust Bearing (3) Pulley Bearing (4) Half Ball Shoe

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